Opinions On Having Friends

Recently in class, I have been reading a magazine called KidCool. In this magazine, they are talking about kids being cool and what the consequences are of being cool and popular. I think that there are two types of popular, a good popular and a bad popular. I think when someone is the good popular it’s because they are very good at a sport and other things like that. I think when someone is the bad cool it’s because they always where cool clothes and they only hang out with the other cool kids.

I also think that there are pros and cons of being cool. I think the pros of being cool is that everyone likes you and everyone wants to be like you. I think the cons of being cool is that you can never be yourself, you always have to stand cool and you can only hang out with certain people.


In my opinion, it is very important to have friends. When you have friend, you are never board because you can always hang out with them. If someone has no friends, they would always be alone and they would have no friends to hang out with them. I think that when a kid has no friends, they are always very lonely. Sometimes when kids are by themselves other kid come and gang up on them. Continue reading

What Makes A Good Comment?

I really like to leave comments on other people’s blogs and especially when they are from other countries Image result for comments bubblesbecause I can see how their blogging is different than mine. People always wonder what makes a good comment, so today that’s what I will be blogging about.

To have a good comment, your comment can’t be boring, It has to be interesting. You also can’t leave any mean comments. If you do there is not really any point.

These are some comments that I left on other peoples blog.

Hi Mae,

I agree with you, an apple a day does not keep the doctor away.
I really liked your version too, I thought it was pretty funny


Mae’s link: http://blog.elanco.org/baseho269/

Hi Rowan

I’m a blogger from Canada. I really enjoyed your post. There are a lot of good stuff about being an adult but there is also some stuff that is pretty boring like paying bills and taxes. Hope you come visit my blog!



Rowan’s link: http://www.asdpages.org/gogorowrow/

Hi Galactic Writing

I really enjoyed you joke of the week post. I’m not sure what the answer of the joke is but I have a question, do you make up these jokes or do you find them on the internet.


Galactic Writing Link: http://azkar.edublogs.org

Continue reading

The International Student Blogging Challenge

On March 5th 2017, I’m going to be starting the International Student Blogging Challenge. In the Student Blogging Challenge, every week they give everyone a new topic to write on your blog. The first challenge that they give you is to introduce yourself. People from all over the world can go and see your blog. I’m kind of exited that people from other country’s are going to see and comment on my blog.

Comment down bellow if you are going to be in the International Student Blogging Challenge.


My Hockey Team

Today I will be talking about my hockey season and tournament. My hockey team is called the Candiac Tigers. My position is defense. We are fourth place in the entire league. In the tournament our first game was versus Montreal-Nord. In that game my team won 6-0. In our third game we were in the semi-finals, we were versus Laval. Laval was a lot stronger than the two other teams. If we won that game we would go on to the finals. In the first tournament it was 0-0. It was a very tight game. Continue reading

My Dream Car

I love cars! Today I will be talking about my dream car.

When I’m older, I would want to get my dream car, the Ferrari LaFerrari. I would like to have it in red. Ferraris are my favorite type of cars. They are very fast and very nice. The doors of the Ferrari LaFerrari are very cool because they open horizontally.

Leave a comment and say what is your dream car.

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